Monday, October 30, 2006


I've been very busy with work and life for the last week and haven't had much 'me' time to draw and its taking its toll. I feel distinctly deprived and find myself doodling at every opportunity on bits of paper at work. I've tried bring my Moleskine to work, but even at lunch, there are interruptions and I never seem to accomplish much, but I'll keep trying.

A week or two ago I took my mother to some doctor appointments and knowing that waiting rooms are named aptly, I took my sketchbook. I managed to do a couple of sketches on each visit, but the second wasn't as lengthy a wait. I had a few suspicious looks from waiting people, but no one said anything. I always feel a little intrusive when sketching people in a 'captive' situation. But mostly people are kind or interested or uninterested. I try to avoid eye contact if I can as that does draw people in like magnets and then my limited sketching time is even more limited as I explain what I am doing and then they want to see the sketch and the others in my book and suddenly the time and mood is gone.

The change in time screwed up my internal body clock and this morning I woke at 5am. I got up, made coffee then decided I would make a start on the underpainting of the dog image I had penciled in a couple of weeks ago. So I met the dawn an hour later with the scent of turpentine and oil paints and for once didn't manage to dip the brush into my cup of coffee.

This weekend is the last day of the beginner's drawing class that I have taught.Eight weeks have moved by quickly and there is interest from others to do another course, so I will look at times and numbers and see when the next can happen. Others want a place to draw once a week which I am considering too. Compositions can be objects or people provided there is enough interest to ensure that I don't end up paying for a model on my own all the time. Its another option to work with.

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Katherine said...

Nice sketches Jeanette. It's the only time when you catch yourself thinking "Don't call me until I've just got this bit finished"!!!