Friday, January 05, 2007

Pear drops

I am sitting here eating British pear drops sent from my daughter in Calgary. There are a few British stores in Calgary and she sends back 'supplies' now and then. This time Jaffa cakes and pear drops in the Christmas parcel.

Pear drops were my favourite and make me recall some special times when I worked in the UK. Part of my job was to create new community programs that would provide training and employment for long term unemployed people. One spring I spent weeks travelling in Somerset and Dorset visiting homes for mentally handicapped individuals talking to the management there about various project. On the way to make my rounds each week, I would stop at a little store and buy some pear drops.

In one institution, the sweets were discovered in my pocket by some of the residents who demanded that I share them round. From then on it became a tradition and I ended up buying larger quantities of pear drops each week to take with me or my life wouldn't be worth living. At least I certainly wouldn't get past the front door of these places!

You're right, this post has nothing to do with art tonight, so I'll share a little sketch with you just to prove willing. It was part of an all media event done some time back. I liked the grouping and the history of the piece. It had an nostalic feel to it and I recall the doll the girl on the left is holding. I had one very similar to it many years ago.


Luís said...

Gostei de todas gravuras do seu blog.

Susan said...

oh my god, I was talking to my sister about this the other week and we had a 'nostalgic chat'.

We were talking about pineapple rock, and pear drops and saying we didnt know many places that sell it anymore, other than this place that my sister found,

I remember when my nan used to take me to the sweet shop at the end of the road and get a scoop of flying saucers and lace! Its amazing that a smell or taste of sweet will transport you back to your childhood!