Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Snow day

This is my driveway after a winter storm. Its been plowed and another light layer of snow on top of the stuff piled up there.

A severe winter storm shut down most of the city today. High winds and heavy snow put about 20 cm of snow down then turned to rain late in the afternoon. There haven't been many snow days in the last few years. Perhaps another effect of global warming. We get snow but not in the same quantities as we once did.

A snow day is a bonus holiday in the middle of the week and even though I know nothing is operating, I still feel somewhat guilty about not being at work. But I got over it. I cleaned and did laundry and drew.

I also started cataloguing photos that I have on various computers in the house. They build up quickly and take up substantial space on the hard drive. Today I catalogued and put on cd 2300 photos and drawings. That was just my laptop. I then started on the desktop computer. That one is scary.

What did we all do before computers? Where did we file all those photos or are they like the ones I have from my mother's house, in folders and boxes, rarely in any order and people racking their brains to find out who the guy in the back was?

Then comes music. I have a lot on my computer that I load on to mp3 players or listen to on headphones. Music is another space eater but using my cds in the sound system at home seems a rarity lately. Actually I prefer headphones. The sound level is more intense and I can hear more with them than when I am surrounded by music in a room.


Robin Neudorfer said...

Oh my goodness! this looks like a movie set. Simply beautiful, and I am glad that you are able to curl up and give in to the fact that you just aren't going anywhere, especially work. Truly wish I could swap places, just don't expect the walk to be shoveled.

Terry Banderas said...

Nice photograph. I love those scenes but I'm sure I don't realize all the extra work and problems that come with snowfall. We normally get lots of rain here but we have been without rain for about four weeks. January is typically our heaviest rainfall month. You are industious when you have days off from work.

Katherine said...

O.M.G.! And we had snow in London yesterday - you know the sort - half an inch on the branches of the tree outside my window and all gone by 11am.

I've now got an external hard drive which I back up all my pictures too. The idea being that when I next change computers the external hard drive just plus in to the new one. I did start saving to CDs but somewhere in the back of my head is the number of 55,000......... Now the question is that the number of files or the number of megabytes or what?

I guarantee you'll feel very virtuous when you've finished.

Jeanette Jobson said...

It can be very pretty just after a storm, but the novelty wears thin pretty quickly. However, it is nice to be inside while the storm rages outside.

Terry, you'd be heartily sick of shovelling and clearing snow after a few months of snow.

Yes Katherine, I remember snow in England when life comes to a standstill almost as they're not prepared. Sometimes I think they're not prepared here at times either after driving on the roads after a storm!

It's amazing how many files we accumulate over time isn't it? I really didn't think there were 2300 on my laptop. Yes and external hard drive is the answer. I must get one too. Good idea.