Friday, February 02, 2007


The airline has just called me to say that tomorrow morning's flight has been cancelled due to 'impending weather'. Yes it snowed a little, but its now turned to rain and should be warmer still by morning. So now I have to wait til Sunday morning - a 6am flight which means I will need to be at the airport by 4am as there will be a lot of people if flights have been cancelled. Which means I will have to get up at 3am. Travel is bad enough at the best of times. It is more so when delays happen. At least I can relax a little now and stop running around quite so frantically trying to get last minute things done.

I need to be a bird and be independently able to travel at will. This little cockatiel was a little watercolour that started as a sketch. Of course on the wrong type of paper to accept water so it buckled and never regained shape, but I still rather like its form and soft colours. Years ago I used to breed these birds along with several other kinds. They were quite beautiful and good natured. I had considered starting again with some new birds, but just haven't gotten around to it.


"JeanneG" said...

I am surprised you want more bodies to take care of. The drawing is really pretty. I have a female cockatiel named Bozo. Her name was Booger when I got her and I didn't like that. I wanted to stay with a "B" sound so she wouldn't get confused. She acts like a clown and they are wonderful birds. Mine talks up a storm. Has a whole slew of things she says and sometimes all strung together. When we got the second bird dog, Bozo moved into my office as Penny was too interested in her. Not too smart having a bird and two bird dogs.

Have a nice flight and wonderful visit with your new baby. Make sure to take lots of photos and do some drawings of the baby to share. Jeanne

Mary said...

Jeanette, I had not read about your new grandaughter! Congratulations and enjoy her very much. She is a precious little baby and your quote about grandmothers is so true. Spoil her all you want.:)

Robin Neudorfer said...

Jeanette - have a wonderful visit. I can't wait until our visit. Let me know which day will be the best so that I can write it in ink in my book.

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

fly like a bird
ating like a bee