Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Found supports

No, I haven't completely run out of paper, it just feels like I have. This was a test on the back of an envelope done in pastels and ink, while composing my letter to an art supply company.

I'm not one for complaining directly to companies unless I feel they're really provided awful service, but in this instance I think I am justified.

On March 2nd I placed an order with an art supply company in Toronto and after a couple of emails back and forth regarding items on my list that weren't in stock and my substitutions, I presumed the order was on its way. Silly me. They're an art supply company. They sell things to artists. Should I expect service?? Or even supplies?

Here is Monday's email from them. The fourth email on this order. Big sigh.

I am definitely so sorry for the mix-up concerning this order. It looks like the item that is out of stock is actually the sabretooth grey, not the previously mentioned sabretooth white. So as of now, the out of stock items are:

CP4 – Grey Cotton (Canal)

CP51 – Ontario Flax (Canal)

CP30 – Peat Moss (Canal)

SBGRY – Sabretooth Grey Light

Now that things are clearer, I just wanted to confirm with you which out of the INstock items you wanted to add more quantity of (or if you’d like to at all). Once I hear from you, I can make that change and send the order out as soon as possible.

Make sense to you? Remember now, this order was placed on March 2nd and its now March 14th. They haven't even figured out what is in stock or out of stock yet, let alone process or ship the order. Sigh.

I gave them one more kick at the cat with a substitution for the paper that I asked for with notification that if I have one more email from them about substitutions, I cancel the order and take my business elsewhere. I also asked for a shipping date and expected arrival date. And the store manager's name so I could inform them of the problems with ordering.

So tonight when I got home, I expected an email at the least apologizing for the delays, saying my order was on its way. Yeah, right....there was nothing. So I have no idea the status of this order. But tomorrow I will. I'll be calling them.

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Arteccentrix - Nickola said...

I read this post with sympathy as I have been experiencing the same supply problems since returning to my's getting so bad that I'm trying to persuade my husband to go into business and open our own art supplies store. I can't even find white paint when I need it...aaargh!!!