Sunday, March 11, 2007

Self portrait

Self portraits are often frank depictions of the artist at a particular moment in time. Artists do self portraits for any number of reasons - lack of another model or recording an event or time period. They also showcase the artist's skills and techniques. Rembrandt, Duerer, and Degas as well as many other artists throughout history have created self portraits that serve as a marker in history, culture and society.

So what is my reason for doing a self portrait today? Perhaps a little of all of the above, as well as simply feeling in the mood to draw a person. Its always interesting to create self portraits. Its it a narcissistic exercise? No, I don't think so. Its simply an exercise in technique and skill with the result being captured for the future.

I draw self portraits off and on during the year. This one can stand as the marker for my 53rd year of life. I'll do another midyear then another in the 54th year. A page of self portraits for comparison at the end of my life would be interesting to review. I'll have to work on the first half of my life a little more as there are gaps. Each portrait is slightly different, some radically different, but the common thread should be there.


Anonymous said...

Now should I assume that it is your BDay today?

Jeanette said...

No, Robin, it was last week. :o) I'm just slow