Saturday, April 21, 2007

Last minute

Coloured Pencil Sketch 9 x 12
Golden Labrador
Copyright Jeanette Jobson

Is 10:15pm and I'm finalizing frames for tomorrow's exhibition. Of course I leave things til the last moment, then rush around trying to do things all at once. I think deadlines are good and perhaps are what spur me to complete tasks. They also produce stress too, but sometimes that is a good thing as well.

I was supposed to have a board meeting this morning, but as full quorum didn't turn up, it did not go ahead. This is very frustrating for me. I spend hours preparing for board meetings, writing reports, financial statements, analysing provincial and national interaction, working out thoughts, questions and answers, adding my own items to agendas, etc etc. So when a board member doesn't show, it throws off my timetable and has a domino effect on the rest of my work. One meeting's results are required to provide useful information at the next meeting, and so on. The meeting will be rescheduled no doubt, but I will not have the missing information for the next. Volunteer boards are unique.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your frustrations, but that is a lovely drawing.

Katherine said...

Tell me about it!!!

I really identify with that rushing around at the last minute thing. Every exhibition I try to get a bit more ahead of the game and prepare earlier and I'm still doing things at the last minute! This time my mother got really good at holding the cellophane roll while I wrapped the portfolio pieces - a nightmairsh job when done on your own!