Sunday, April 29, 2007


Boredom is not an end-product, is comparatively rather an early stage in life and art. You’ve got to go by or past or through boredom, as through a filter, before the clear product emerges.


I love line drawings. I think I could happily construct drawings of simple lines and never shade anything and be completely happy. There is purity in lines that very much appeals to me. I think a line drawing was one of the first images that really attracted me at my very first art exhibition many years ago.

I did this sketch this morning (above) while having coffee. The boy was the son of a friend, at the beach and obviously not wanting to be there. You can feel his mood through the body language so well. I did another sketch of his brother (below) who was the complete opposite, head upturned to greet the warming sun of late spring.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you about line drawing; I said much the same thing a couple of days ago on my blog. These are excellent examples of why I love them. The quality of your lines is so expressive in itself.

"JeanneG" said...

And of course I am a big fan of line drawings. I still have trouble making myself shade enough. Especially on faces.