Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Teach People How to Treat You

I came across this article on Christine Kane's blog and it made such sense to me that I had to share it. Do take time and read in depth the headers from this article as well as wander through Christine's blog. She is an amazing writer, teacher and musician with a lot to say.

So, what does it mean?

You teach people how to treat you means that it all comes back to you. It’s up to you to allow or not allow certain treatment. It also means that you have to first get clear about how you want to be treated. It means that you have to take responsibility enough to write your own owner’s manual. And you are accountable for living by your owner’s manual. For some of us, it may be the very first time we ever even gave this any thought.

Teach People How to Treat You: The Four Steps

1 - Start by Knowing What You Want (and What You Don’t Want)

2 - Learn from your Current Situation

3 - Honor It and Practice It

4 - Teach Yourself How to Treat You When That’s the Only Choice

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mrsnesbitt said...

Hi Jeanette, I came across your blog via the comment you left over on Christina's blog. I really learned so much from it and agreed with you, too good not to share!