Monday, June 04, 2007

Towers and pigs

I played with an image of a tower that had wonderful lighting. The tower is located in Laguna Beach in Southern California where I was in February. This drawing was done in pen and ink with coloured pencil, about 11 x 14. It is an image I keep threatening to paint in oils and I will. Eventually.

The next experiment is a little video of the piglets filmed yesterday in the barn. They LOVE potatoes in any form and this is the chaos that ensues when they all try to eat out of the same trough. The noise in the background are the geese who were still in their pens in the barns. They are soooooooo noisy!


Katherine said...

I've always had a spoft spot for piggies. How on earth do you resist those little piggie eyes when they look up at you?

I vote the video a success and I'd like to see more.

Katherine said...

And i forgot to say that I love your tower. Images which grab us never ever leave our brains. I'm still doing ones which i saw years ago - and I find it doesn't do any harm to let them mature a bit while lolling around in my brain cells. Bit like hanging grouse really.... ;)