Friday, June 08, 2007

Work and colour

This has been a crazy week for work. I seem to flit from meeting to meeting to meeting on a variety of topics, then get back to the office to find another load of emails asking me to more meetings, conferences, teleconference calls, etc., etc.

This week's meetings have been interspersed with presentations. Why is that at the office I can get a power point presentation to work beautifully, but when I get to the site and hook it up to the data projector it decides it wants none of it? It performed true to form today at my presentation, but luckily I was rescued by a techie guy who even acted as my assistant, forwarding slides on the laptop. I was impressed.

Tomorrow I do another presentation (yes Saturday morning). Its the nature of non profit organizations, you work when others work - in addition to regular working hours. You get time off in lieu of payment for overtime and you can't take the time off because the work builds up when you're gone and you work longer to get it done, accruing more time in lieu, etc., etc., etc. If the average person could experience day to day operations of a non profit organization they would view the world very differently. Nothing is taken for granted in a non profit as it often is in private enterprise. People don't spend frivolously in non profits, every penny is crucial to existance. Its a very different way of life that has good and bad aspects.

Drawing has taken a bit of backseat this week, as work has occupied most of my time. I try to go into my studio for a little while before bed and add a bit more graphite to my drawing which I am doing for Armin Mersmann's class, but that's slow going too. I'm enjoying it, but it's a challenging drawing. This weekend I want some colour in my drawings so I'm going to have another go at this sketch which I started awhile go. It is a coloured pencil drawing of me when I was 21 months old. It was done on the only version of mylar that I could find at the time and is too grainy and was never completed. I do have some proper drafting film now which I found at my printers. Its amazing what you find out about in general conversation... So I will try this one again. THe original photo was black and white - no we didn't have colour film all those years ago - or at least my parents didn't. So the colours are very much from my imagination and hazy memories of my mother.


Loretta said...

I can empathize about power points. I spent so much time on one this week, that I woke up at 3:00 a.m. with my right hand in a painful cramp from "mousing".

Doesn't make for good drawing when your hand is numb! I hope your presentations are over. Mine is on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

This drawing has a very appealing softness to it. And the colours look just right. I hope your work calms down a bit soon!