Sunday, June 17, 2007

Vulture baby

I experimented with my new art supplies today, some colorfix paper and the full set of Derwent Drawing pencils and this was the result. The image was in the Weekend Drawing Event at WetCanvas and this is the drawing at about the 2 hour mark, with lots left to go.

I love how the colorfix paper accepts the pencil and know from previous experience using a sample with pastels that those are the perfect marriage with this support. However, it seems to do very well with the waxy Derwents too. I love the soft colours of the full set, having only experienced the earth tones before.


Katherine said...

This is looking really good Jeanette. I've never ever tried balck colourfix but I seem to remember somebody telling me that you don't get the colour sinking problem on this in the same way as you do on others.

Jeanette said...

The image looks much better in real life, as they always seem to do. The colour isn't disappearing into the black much, so I'm pleased with it so far.