Saturday, July 21, 2007


I never understand how racism can exist in the world, as I find other cultures fascinating, especially the rituals and traditions that go with important ceremonies. How can others object to this, unless they find it a threat to their own existance?

Yes, there are individuals in all cultures who make good and bad decisions about how they should lead their lives, but why do some people select whole ethnic groups to project their fears onto without ever looking into their own world first.

I started a coloured pencil drawing today of a young native boy, dressed in ceremonial headdress. I love the light and the look of anticipation on the boy's face. How long had he practiced for this monent? What was going through his mind? Did he know his dance was an echo from hundreds of years ago?

The drawing is 9 x 12 on Canson paper and I'll update it as it progresses. There is about 8 hours of work in the current image.


Rose Welty said...


I really like this, can't wait to see the progress!

Jeanette said...

Thanks Rose, as always, the scan or photo never looks as good as the real thing. But I'll be intensifying the colours as I go and it should be a lot stronger.