Monday, July 16, 2007


Kiora's Toy
Graphite & coloured pencil
copyright Jeanette Jobson 2007

My granddaughter is nearly six months old and at a stage of actively discovering her world. The fascination shown by examining a toy's structure, shape and colour reminds me of how an artists views an object when drawing.

Drawing is an act of discovery which brings back some of the long forgotten senses that are so important when examining the world for the first time. There may not be the same sense of puzzlement over an object's purpose or wondering what a colour is, but drawing brings its own sense of amazement as object unfolds on a blank sheet of paper.


Mary said...

Don't they grow fast Jeanette? She is a beautiful little girl. You have done a wonderful portrait of her. I should get busy and do one before that cute age has passed.

Jeanette said...

They sure do Mary. Thanks

Yes you should do some portraits of your grand children, the ones you've done previously have been beautiful. I especially remember the coloured pencil one you did that was lovely.