Wednesday, July 11, 2007

He's back

Is nothing sacred?? The tree rat is back, this time carrying off bunches of stolen Reemay, no doubt to line a nest with. I'm beginning to dislike this little guy who's taking big chunks out of the garden cover!

Its ramping up for this wedding at the weekend with flower arrangements changing constantly as minds are changed and experiments tweaked. This is one of about 50 floating flower arrangements that will be in place, just the floating candles are missing in this one. The bowl is filled with begonias.

Work and meetings hasn't left me much time for drawing this week beyond a few sketches here and there. I've been drawing people as I sit in Starbucks or wait in meeting rooms. Its good practice and rather fun to people watch. I met with a member of the Art Association tonight and we had a good chat about a number of issues that need resolution. I was asked to sit on the board of directors of the Art Association of the province and agreed about a month or so ago and I have a number of ideas that I would like to implement. I just don't want to be seen as someone new coming in to rock the boat. Sometimes ideas are deep rooted and people object to change. I'll go slow but be persistant.

One of the things that I would like to see put in place is a sketch club which would encourage others to meet and participate in sketching in various places around town. There seems interest so I will pursue it and see where it ends up. In a relatively small town, there aren't always the art related services that I want, so sometimes you just have to do it yourself.


Anonymous said...

You continue to be creative in so many different ways. I am sure the flowers are smiling in every way.
Keeping my fingers crossed for your drawing club.

Katherine said...

That's a really good idea Jeanette - just stick with the persistance and you'll get there in the end.