Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rural wedding

Today I was asked to help with some floral arrangements for a wedding in a small rural town about an hour's drive from where I live. The flowers were cut early this morning then loaded into the car along with every possible thing that might not be available and we drove to the site. It was unique in some ways and very predictable in others.

The building was multifunctional, with the front section a fast food restaurant and the rear a function room with deck attached overlooking the gravel car parking lot with a glimpse of the sea on the other side. Not exactly picturesque, but like many Newfoundland weddings, once the guests have had a few drinks, no one will notice or care where they are. Guests wouldn't miss the building, just look for the large plywood cutout of a whale, painted (badly) grey.

The car was unloaded and a set up point found. The waft of fish and chips mingled with hamburgers floated in from the fast food section at the front, as the door was left open due to the heat of the day. Sixteen tables for six were set and they looked lovely, all white china and glass with sugared almonds festooning the table. The plastic container for the sugar rather spoiled the effect, but hopefully will be overlooked.

The staff in the place were interesting. It seems you have to have a loud voice and a rough manner to work in this place and take lots of smoke breaks. I worry about the bartender who trailed his oxygen tubes (seriously) behind him as he either talked with other staff, unabashedly stared at parts of me or set up the most god-awful disco music from mp3s on the computer which he played at a deafingly loud level. He'd then grin and wink and say 'That will get 'em up on the floor, won't it?' I mentally thought 'that will make them vomit...' but gave him a polite smile and got on with the job in hand. This place, combined with staff has the makings of a remake of Trailer Park Boys.

I managed a little more work on the leopard early this morning and tonight. Its coming together but has a lot of work yet to reach the depth of values that I want.


Billie Crain said...

ya gotta love budget weddings! LOL

Jeanette said...

Oh yes, they're a gem alright

Anonymous said...

We warned you!!

Sorcha :o)