Saturday, October 20, 2007

Tagged again

Sue Smith of Ancient Artist has tagged me to reveal seven little known facts about myself and then tag seven others. I was tagged some time ago by Wendy Prior and dished up some facts, but even then the tag process was in full swing and it was harder to find bloggers who hadn't already been tagged. So this time it may be even harder. But I did say that I would play along and share some more things about myself that people may or may not want to know.

So let's see....

1. I love wearing CROCS. I had an ankle injury a year or so ago and they were the only shoes that were comfortable and that I could get on. So now I'm addicted.

2. My favourite metal for jewellery is silver and my favourite pieces of jewellery are rings.

3. I drink decaf coffee 95% of the time and have never missed the switch from the 'real thing'. My heart doesn't miss it either.

4. I had the right half of my thyroid gland removed in 1999 due to a goitre. I function beautifully on the remaining half without the need for medication.

5. I'm an avid Coronation Street fan and need to wear my glasses to see it properly. I've virtually abandoned contact lenses in favour of glasses which I take on and off continuously, depending on what task I'm involved in.

6. Left to my own devices, I'd happily exist on cheese and crackers and abandon cooking forever, even if I do watch the cooking shows on Saturdays.

7. I hate promoting myself and dealing with finances, but it is a large part of my art life. I want a manager.

I really don't know if I have enough on my list to tag at this point as so many have already done so. However, if anyone is interested in revealing their secrets, let me know and I'll link you to this post.

Meanwhile here are some that I have tagged:

Gina Cuff Gina and I met through an art association and my blog. She does wonderful work and makes beautiful jewellery.

Tracy Hall Tracy's work in watercolour is just amazing. Her ability to depict animals is a delight.

Robin Sinclair's blog is one I frequently visit. Her life, drawings and paintings in Italy are lovely.


Doris Joa said...

I too hate to promote myself. It is so easier to go back to the easel and to paint something instead of doing business. Right?
It was interesting to see your studies and you have done a great job on them. Interesting compositions.

~Gina Cuff said...

Ok, I'll play along. :)


~Gina Cuff said...

Hi Jeanette,

That's exactly what I thought when I first found your blog and read it. We had so much in common,it kind of freaked me out. :)

Good luck on the show tomorrow! I have a good friend, Julie Duff, that will be showing her work as well. She does the most beautiful watercolors and she's a great person.