Thursday, November 29, 2007


I started this sketch of my daughter's dog Jessie while I was in Saskatchewan. Jessie wants to play. Always. 24/7. Her favourite game is 'pullthistoyoutofmymouthandmakemegrowl'. This becomes a dangerous game when its a little toy, as fingers get mistaken for toys.

Jessie can destroy any dog toy that's ever been invented within 30 minutes. Huge rawhide dog bones, indestructable dog pull toys, ropes, 'guaranteed not to break' toys, anything. She methodically dissects them like a little boy dismantles a clock to see how it works.

The room is littered with dog toy corpses soon after she gets one. Christmas consists of Jessie sitting whining next to her 'present' til she gets to chew it to bits. More toy corpses.

I guess someone needs to tell the dog toy manufacturers that their indestructable dog toys aren't quite so indestructable after all. Hey, perhaps they could use Jessie as a dog toy tester!


"JeanneG" said...

What breed is Jessie? Sounds just like my lab Penny.

Jeanette said...

She's part Lab, part retriever. Those breeds seem to have that 'chewy' tendency, don't they?

"JeanneG" said...

There is a saying for labs. They chew till 2 and shed till dead. Mine is about 2 but apparantly the dog doesn't know it. Can't see any end to the chewing.