Saturday, December 01, 2007

Silver bells

I would rather teach drawing that my pupils may learn to love nature, than teach the looking at nature that they may learn to draw. (John Ruskin)
I was teaching a class and needed something reflective for them to draw so picked up this silver bell. I love reflections and how they distort their surroundings. While class was drawing, I sketched the bell and if you look carefully you can see some of us in the drawing.

Tonight I'm finalizing my pieces for tomorrow's show. I'm actually on top of things before a show for a change! All I need to do is pack everything into my portfolio and drop it off in the morning. I promised to do my volunteer stint tomorrow at the show. I firmly believe in giving back in terms of volunteer time. Volunteerism is dying - not slowly, but quickly and many I speak to, cannot understand why I give my time without any money attached to it. Its just inbuilt at this point I guess. And you get back in many other ways that can't be reflected in financial terms.

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Mary said...

Lovely drawing Jeanette and the subject is so perfect for the season. Good luck with your show and I also admire you for your volunteer work, I think the reward is always doubled.