Tuesday, November 06, 2007


This is my second line drawing of a lion. I did the first yesterday morning at 5:30am (time changes screw me up). I taught a class last night and a person needed more paper, so I told them to take it out of my book. Of course too late it was noticed that it was the lion I had drawn and their drawing was on the reverse. I just tell myself that the practice is good for me and besides, I didn't have the heart to not let the person take their drawing efforts home with them.

I've been reflecting on control or lack of it and how it forms around some individuals and not others. There are various forms of control but all are designed to control your environment so that it remains the same and you never go outside your 'safe' zone. Some people control work, some control their immediate living zone, others control people to ensure that they remain in control of any variables in life.

I was listening to a song tonight on the way home by Great Big Sea, a popular Newfoundland music group and the words made me think more about control and how the controller wants life to change but to also remain the same. Consequence Free. Perhaps there's a bit of control in all of us.

The Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF) is taking action to respond to the community of craft artists affected by the Southern California Wildfires. They say:

We are reaching out to artists, arts organizations, galleries, businesses and others in the affected areas to offer assistance and to locate information about the arts community. While it is still too early to know the extent of damage, we do know that the situation is severe as news reports indicate. We also know that this area of California has a significant population of craft artists. We have already heard from a jeweler who lost both her home and studio and CERF Trustee and clay artist, Lana Wilson, had to be evacuated from her Del Mar home.

Please help us spread the word that CERF is available to offer assistance to craft artists in Southern California. Please also be aware that your support of our work during these times is essential so that we can deliver aid quickly and effectively.

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