Monday, December 24, 2007

Handmade paper

Candy canes
Coloured pencil 8 x 5

copyright Jeanette Jobson

Today has passed in a flurry of activity, none of which was really essential and it took time away from drawing and painting which I wanted to start. But there's always another day, but likely not tomorrow as Christmas takes over. But I hope to take some time to play during the day between meals and gifts and people.

I was sorting out my art cupboard today and found a pad of quite expensive St-Armand paper that I bought in Regina last month. It was my splurge at the time and its been sitting in the cupboard ever since while I find something interesting to use it for. Its classed as 'panoramic' size which is 9" x 20". I liked the sizing and thought it would make interesting landscape views. It was also available in a 9 x 10 block format as well. It seems like a fairly strong paper and the salesperson at the store said that it can be used for a variety of mediums, dry and wet. I'll experiment a bit with both and see how it holds up.

I already have some of the St-Armand Canal paper and Sabretooth paper. I love unique, handmade papers and they are a rarity these days, so accessing something when I am off the island is always a treat.

I have made paper myself several times and its an interesting activity. It takes practice to obtain a smooth surface to draw on and most of my efforts have come out as fairly sturdy paper. I often include herbs or flower petals to the paper or essential oils to provide fragrance to the finished product. It is really a summer activity as it involves lots of water and mess, so I do it in the garden on a nice warm sunny day which dries the paper fast on the frames.

For those interested in creating their own paper, there are lots of instructional sites online or contact some of the companies which provides supplies and finished products.

Paper Trail
The Paperwright
La Papeterie


Suzanne said...

Beautiful candy canes. I LOVE St. Armand's paper - the regular (not dominion) watercolor. It's one of my most favorites and I have a stack that I'm looking forward to using in the new year. Happy Christmas with wishes for time to paint and draw or relax and not worry about it for one day.

Rose Welty said...

Interesting Jeanette - I received a box of handmade paper this week from an ailing artist relative. While I'm thrilled to have some of his things, I admit that I am intimidated by the paper - not really sure what to do with it I suppose. I'll keep an eye for stuff you do with handmade paper.

Katherine said...

How interesting! Plus I haven't seen candy canes in I can't remember how long.

Wishing you all the very best this Christmas Jeanette.

Katherine said...

Wonderful links BTW as well - they've gone straight on my paper and supports lens! I'm generally trying to develop more information for readers about suppliers in Canada - everything seems a bit too USA/UK oriented.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Suzanne. I'm relatively new to St-Armand papers but love their variety and textures.

Oooh how exciting Rose. Handmade paper is such a treat. I think I need to get over the fact that its 'special' in my head and just use it like regular paper.

Katherine, candy canes in this house are a leftover from when there were horses who loved to crunch them at Christmas.

I'm glad the links were useful for your lens. Canada is slowmoving on the art supply scene, but when you do find something its usually wonderful.

Happy Christmas to you all.

Loretta said...

I have used the St. Armand's paper and it is lovely. I like the square pad myself. Happy New Year to you and your family and may 2008 bring all the best to you and yours!