Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The naughty, wonderful Rose of Rose's Art Lines has tagged me to reveal 5 more strange and wonderful things about myself. Not one to be a party pooper, I decided to dig deep and find the requisite five uncommon things that few know about me.

1. When I was a small child, in the fall and winter, I used to find mice in the old house we lived in. I would catch them and put them in my little metal school lunch tin (those people of a 'certain age' will remember those) and feed them birdseed and bread crusts. They were my 'pets'. Til my mother found out. I still have a fondness for the little creatures, I just don't want them over-running my house. There's enough in the barn.

2. I have had 2.5 children. I lost a baby at 20 weeks of pregnancy and he/she would be 26 now if all had gone as planned.

3. As a teenager I was horse mad and used to muck out stables and exercise the wilder horses to earn the privilege of riding the horse of my choice. My favourite horse, Ted, an ex racer, had badly injured his leg and he was going to be put down. I begged and pleaded them not too, promising to care for him til the stable finally relented. Every day I would walk to the stable and take Ted to a pond, standing with him in the cool water, to take down the swelling in his leg. After about 3 or 4 months of this, his leg improved enough for him to be ridden again. He couldn't run as fast as previously but he could still move pretty fast.

4. I owned an MGB GT in the UK and before I sold the car, I first sold the license plate for 450 pounds to a collector in Sussex through an agency in London. The plate number was AAA 660 which I guess had some significance to the buyer. I was just happy to have the money!

5. I adore cheese, most any kind. If left to my own devices, I would probably live on cheese and crackers or toast forever.
I know most of my blogging friends have been overtagged, but I would like to invite a few of my newer blogging friends to participate and share a little about themselves in 5 facts and pass on the idea to more of their friends. If anyone doesn't want to participate, that's fine too.

Cindy Haase of Color On! has done some amazing work with rocks.
Jan Gibson - Pets to Posies I have known from another art forum and she also introduced me to colourfix paper. She does beautiful animal portraits.
Gina Cuff - Dogberry Hill Studio is another Newfoundland artist who does amazing work in art and jewellery.
Terry Banderas - Terry's Ink and Watercolour. Terry creates beautiful, strong pieces full of colour and light.


Rose Welty said...

I did feel a bit naughty when I decided to put you in the list, but you are such a sport and have such an interesting life that I gave in to the impulse! ;-)

Funny you mention cheese and crackers. Over the holidays I decided to do a weekend lunch of cheese and crackers. My husband said, "finally, it feels like Christmas around here." (The tree had been up for weeks, we'd hosted a party, etc.) My sons, who are terrible eaters kept calling it "the feast lunch." So, now, we've made it a regular Sunday lunch thing. :-)

Oh, and I got my lovely apple, thank you! It's so nice to have something your friends have done, I'll think about you every time I look at it. Your portrait will soon be on its way.

ShiriMe! said...

hello jeannette,

love the nude sketches. my art teacher used to do "experimental" projects with us during the summer sessions. and many times it involved one day art projects. which was difficult for me as it takes me nearly one year's worth of art class before i finish a painting, let alone a quick pastel and black ink painting, if you could call it a painting. but they are among my favorites, once i got into the swing of things.

by the way, have you received my package yet? i haven't opened yours but i'll be home this weekend and can't wait to see what you've drawn/painted. :)


ps. dont let your 20 years plus gap prevent you from re-learning new things, esp in art.

Jeanette said...

Its fun digging deep and remembering things you'd stored well away.

Cute - the feast lunch - I'm coming to your house for Sunday lunches...:)

I'm glad the drawing turned up Rose. I look forward to seeing what you've done with the portrait.

Shirley, no your package hasn't turned up yet. But things take their sweet time getting here, especially from the USA. It can take a couple of weeks for things to appear sometimes. I am sure it will be something wonderful that you've created.

I'll persevere with the life classes if it kills me - and it may! I just need to get into the swing of large and quick again.