Friday, February 01, 2008


Radio Man
Charcoal on newsprint
copyright Jeanette Jobson

I saw the reference for this sketch in the Weekend Drawing Event at WetCanvas and the 1950's feel of it appealed.

I'm a radio fan. Not music stations which, in most cases, irritate me. At least the 'popular' ones. The radio I listen to has more voices, conversations, questions, news and interviews than music. When music reaches across the airwaves, it is related to the person being interviewed or connected somehow to the situation. It isn't strident and doesn't disrupt my world.

However, it isn't what my clock radio is set to wake me with. That is one of the 'popular' stations which is loud and annoying and guaranteed to get me out of bed just to shut it off!

I continue my radio world late into the night as television holds no interest for me, except for a couple of programs a week. Late night enters a new realm with radio. There international interviews and interesting forays into others lives transport me and make me think. Without radio, I would never have known about the artist models strike in Italy the other day, along with an interview with an Italian art model. What did they do when they went on strike? What else? They kept their clothes on.

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Robyn said...

Jeanette - I too love the radio. Radio plays were the joy of my childhood and, after a career in television, I now have almost no interest in viewing but could not live without my internet connection to all the best radio in the world. I also find it doesn't get in the way of painting.

Of course I still miss things - shame on me - I didn't know about the art models' strike here in Italy!