Saturday, April 19, 2008

Museum quality?

My pipe dream, hanging my work in the Museum of Modern Art, or any museum for that fact, has arrived, compliments of Dumpr and Museumr.

It rather inspires me to do something huge, seeing my pieces at this size.

For those who would really like to have their work hanging in a museum, there is a process. The Curatorial department of the Metropolitan Museum is a good place to start or Educational Resources. There are as many museums as there are art works, but some have more presence than others, atrracting and holding bodies of work from masters both past and present.

Artcyclopedia is a great leaping off point to explore art in virtual museums.


Billie Crain said...

i think this is hysterical! i couldn't resist. i had to create one of my own. where did you ever find this site?!

Jeanette said...

Ooooh I'll be right over to see yours!

This was found on one of my meanderings through the dark alleyways of the world wide web. :)

Laura said...

I'm with Billie on this one - where did you find that website:-D

I too had to give it a go and agree with you Jeanette in how it inspires you to go big. Think I'll leave that to the painters though:-D

Jeanette said...

Isn't it fun Laura? :) Yes, inspiring as it is, I don't think I'd have the stamina in pencil to get that large!

Rose Welty said...

Jeanette, if you went that big, it would have to be the one with your tongue curl sticking out...that is just too funny!


That would make for a very interesting series...particularly in a museum...walking into a room with walls full of huge faces with their tongues out! :D People would come to see that!

Jeanette said...

Hey Rose, there's a plan to aim for! :)