Friday, May 23, 2008

Drawing workshop

graphite 4 x 6
copyright Jeanette Jobson

I teach a drawing workshop tomorrow and am finalizing a few details for it tonight. There are 18 people registered for this workshop, so that will make a fairly large group to coordinate, but once things get underway I'm sure it will be fine.

While teaching children has appeal in some ways, I prefer teaching adults, as the interaction is on a very different level as are skill levels and ability to understand techniques - most of the time. My workshops tend to move towards showing the basics of academic drawing techniques and move into observational skills and how to apply them to create realism.

Not everyone has the patience for realistic work and want quick results but a realistic end product. These are the people who end up getting frustrated with the process and time commitment involved. On average, a highly realistic portrait of a person or animal can take me 25 - 30 hours or more, depending on whether there is a background or not. Realism is not for those who want speed.


Marsha Robinett said...

Wonderful detail in this...and you're absolutely right, many desire to do realistic drawings but have no conception of the time involved. I also get frustrated with the way drawing is looked upon by the general art community. It rarely gets the proper respect for the time involved. It's just a shame.

So much for my rant...I'm sure your students were impressed. Your work is very nice and I enjoy following your blog.

Jeanette said...

I agree Marsha. Its a constant battle to promote drawing and ensure its recognition.

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

WOW! beautiful technique.