Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Kiora- 17 months old

I've been doing more writing that drawing these last few days as I try to make inroads into some drawing tutorials that I've been putting off. The drawing part comes fairly easily, but the writing is more of a challenge. Once I wrap my head around the task, I can get into a similar zone as I do when drawing and the words flow. About 1500 so far on the first tutorial. Another 500 or less perhaps and I'll be done.

I need to always remember to scan or photograph at high resolution and leave that image on my computer, as the high resolution of a minimum 300 dpi is the standard for printing crisp images. I am so used to reducing resolution for blog images that I often forget to leave the high res image intact.

I have a few more tutorials in my head and I'll play with those once this is out of the way. The drawings can be built up fairly quickly; the writing takes a day or so of solid concentration then formatting on top of that, which for some reason, I always struggle with. I like to just fit things in where they'll go. However, there is a standardized format that I must stay with and thank heavens I have a lovely editor who is very kind and helps me a lot with that. Let's hope she understands my speed in production lately which is slow, slow, slow.

Above is a photo of my grand daughter who lives quite a distance from me. I don't see her often and quite miss her at times. She's at the walking/exploring/active age and this photo shows the glimmer of intent in her eyes I think. This image may well become a portrait soon.


Rose Welty said...

The glimmer in her eyes in the photo is the same glimmer in your eyes in your avatar Jeanette - she's a beauty just like her grandmother! :D

Jeanette said...

I'm a little bit biased when it comes to the baby Rose, so I have to say I think she's lovely too.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

She's gorgeous

I like having time to put written stuff for publication on one side to simmer before it goes public.

It often needs to marinate - and like artwork often benefits from being turned to the wall for a bit.