Friday, August 15, 2008

Starving artist sales


My holiday in part is taken up with remodeling my kitchen. That task is moving ahead but does take time - and money. To top it off today, a new refrigerator had to be purchased, as the old one is on its last legs and keeps weeping onto the floor, looking for sympathy. With that dent in my bank balance, I'll be the original starving artist, just one with a new fridge.

I've done some thinking about art sales and how they are sold and have branched out into a couple of areas to see if they will work. I have put some of my jewelry and art pieces on Etsy and have also started a new sales blog - The Starving Artist's Daily Sales. The purpose of the second blog is for art sales only which cover a range of prices, making art affordable for everyone. Daily sales is not so much the time frame in which I should produce, but more the fact that individuals can find something on sale every day.


"JeanneG" said...

I hope we get to see the new kitchen when you finish. I don't envy you the work tho.

Rose Welty said...

Good on you Jeanette for branching out with your marketing! The second blog is a good idea. So it won't always have something new for sale, but will always have something?

I wish you many sales and great success!