Thursday, September 04, 2008

Art and technology

Fog blanket - Torbay

My art has taken a backseat again this week due to other commitments. However, potential does catch my eye as I pass through places. This was Torbay the other morning on my drive to work. The weather was very warm and muggy and the heat hit the cool water. The resulting fog lay like a blanket over the cove, seeping inland, competing with the sun.

I didn't have my camera with me so took this photo with my cell phone camera. It gives me the basics that act as my memory for values and colours if I want to recreate the scene in a painting.

The little cell phone camera acts as my instant sketchbook. The photos that it takes don't have the level of detail that my digital camera does, but it gives me enough information to allow me to be able to work from it if I want to create a drawing or painting.

Thunderclouds - Torbay

I have an attraction to the water and have taken lots of photos of this scene as I pass it every day morning and evening. This is another scene of thunderclouds just starting to roll back after an early morning storm.

Technology in many forms enhance my ability to produce, show and share art and information. From a scanner and computer to digital camera or graphics software packages, they all provide services that I have come to rely on. Yes, I can still produce art traditionally without any technological interference and classic pieces are produced and have been produced with way for hundreds of thousands of years. I think the trick is to not rely on any one thing too much and risk forgetting that the rest of the world is out there waiting to be explored - and drawn.

How does technology help you in your art?

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