Monday, October 27, 2008


Study for Pierced
graphite 6 x 8
copyright Jeanette Jobson

Drawing texture is always interesting and mouths especially so. It's this particular mix of tongues and lips, along with the piercing that drew my attention. I want to draw a series of mouths. I started awhile back with a self portrait that involved a tongue. Now I'm spurred on to create more, this time bigger.

I did this study yesterday for a larger charcoal piece. I just can't get the tiny little glistening highlights on this graphite piece that so clearly show the moisture on the tongues but I know I can get this in charcoal - or at least highlights of white charcoal.

How well received it may be is anyone's guess. It all depends on the viewer.


Jennifer Rose said...

I miss my tongue piercing :/ I think this will look cool. People will have to focus on the tongue textures and the smooth texture of the jewellery with it being a close up shot.

You are right about how it will be received. People that hate body mods might be a little uncomfortable with the close up.

Kaly said...

I think its just Great! wow its dificult enought to draw a closed mouth, and you did not one but two opened and kissing mouthes. LOVELY!

Stacy said...

Jeanette, you have a great drawing here. It will be interesting to see the difference between the graphite piece and the charcoal piece.

My reaction to this drawing has made me laugh though. When I see it I get that embarrassed, apologetic feeling that I would get if I opened a door to what I thought was an empty room, and instead found a couple making out in there. I must be getting prudish as I age. :D

So I would say this drawing is a success, because it creates an emotional reaction in me (the viewer) and it has me thinking about that reaction. Well done!

Jeanette said...

Thanks Jennifer. Tongue piercings freak me out a bit. Not for the look, but I keep thinking - that must hurt so much when its done, then that little ball thing in your mouth all the time...

Mouths are fun to draw Kaly. THanks for commenting.

Stacy, funny you should say that. I wondered if that would be part of the reaction to this. But yes, reaction is part of art isn't it? I think the charcoal version will be more interesting and 3D as I can get better highlight with white charcoal. In graphite, I think I should have used some masking fluid to leave bright white dots.

Jennifer Rose said...

getting mine pierced honestly didn't hurt, kept it for 5 years until I had to take it out. It depends on a person's pain threshold if it is going to hurt. And you don't notice the jewellery, actually feels odd when it gets taken out :p

tracywall said...

How fun!!!
I agree with Stacy in that there's sort of dual reactions, beautiful yet a little voyeuristic. VERY successful to me in that it gets the viewer thinking! Hope we get to see the charcoal one, too!

Robyn said...

This viewer thinks it's a wonderful study and what a great series! Go for it!

Jeanette said...

Thanks Tracy. I think it will translate well into a larger charcoal piece. I'll be trying it out today I hope, in between laying flooring!

There will be more Robyn. I now need more images of pierced tongues and tongues in general. I'm not going for piercing myself but I guess I'll be sticking my tongue out a lot for the sake of art!