Friday, October 31, 2008

Time to get serious

Chestnut pod
copyright Jeanette Jobson

Its time for me to get serious about my art.

I'm great at making plans, but due to lots of factors, they don't always come to fruition. But like a lightbulb coming on, something in my head tells me that things need to change. (no, I'm not hearing voices...)

So there are a few changes to be made.

1. Location.
One of the problems, besides a full time job, is that I need to relocate my studio downstairs into bigger quarters. Without being able to tuck myself away and really get going with my art, I continually get sidetracked by people, the phone, the tv, the computer and they all eat into my time.

2.Create a body of work.
I know this will take at least a year to do. But to move ahead I need this under my belt. And to move ahead I need # 1.

3. Marketing
I have basic marketing for myself in the form of print materials - postcards, business cards, brochures, etc. I have this blog and the newer sales blog which I haven't marketed as well as it could be.

I also need to market the commission side of me too.

4. Dedicated group art time
My online community of friends and peers is more than wonderful. You have all encouraged and buoyed me through good and bad times and I can't imagine life without any of you. I need to be in the physical company of artists who can come together once or twice a week to paint, sketch, draw or just drink wine and complain about government arts cuts. :)

5. Grant money
I need to access a grant that will allow me the luxury of creating a project, framing it, showing it, learning, teaching ,etc., etc. They are out there, but I haven't explored them fully yet.

These are my wants and needs. Some may be more doable than others. Then again everything is doable if you want it badly enough.

Next time I will explore a plan of how to achieve these goals.


Rose Welty said...

Jeanette, it sounds exciting! I can't wait to hear more.

I have no doubt that when you really put your mind to it, you succeed. :D

Anonymous said...

I've been feeling something similar: have certainly plateaued and feel like I'm in a rut. I, too, need to get real and get to it! (I was just talking with a friend tonite about my current rut.)

Guess I need to assess what needs to be done like you have. Thanks for the spur!

I'll push you if you need it . Wanna push me?

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Ooooh - a moving studio! Bring it on..... :)

Good luck with your search for a grant. I can't help feeling that you may find this but a bit more difficult. Government funding for the arts and grants is going to come under a lot of pressure as recession bites deep.

Jeanette said...

Any forward movement is good Rose. I'll sure try to make it happen.

Tracy, figuring out just what the needs are are definitely the first step and I know I have just scratched the surface on mine.

Wonderful support offer. You're on! I'll be watching you... :)

Today I hope to get the studio moving in motion Katherine. How did I get so much stuff??

I know there will be lots of competition for art grants and less money thanks to govt cuts and now the recession. I just need to choose sources wisely and get the language in the proposal just right.

Robyn said...

I hope we are going to see photos of your new studio space, Jeanette. I do wish I were closer and that I might be invited to join our group. I could do with both the artistic company and the motivation.

Don't let go of your Piercing Series - I really think you are on to a winner.

Robyn said...

I actually meant the Tongues series - wonderful.

Anita said...

Jeanette - you sound like me! I am always doing this myself but like you this next year I am trying to set myself some targets and am very determined to meet them. My start is to set up part of our new house as a real working studio - and in the plans I am drawing for the house we are planning to build I am insisting that there is a room that will be my studio.
Good luck with your goals and finding grants.

Anonymous said...

Jeanette - sounds like we are all itching to bump it up a notch.

I hope we can encourage each other. I too have a list of grants to apply for.

Stacy said...

Lots of this going around - the need to get serious and get moving. It has gripped me recently too.

Jeanette, I know if your desire is strong enough that you will be successful. In the absence of support in our hometowns, I think support from the online community is a wonderful thing. If we all push each other we will all get further.

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Jeanette, I love your photo of the chestnut pod!
Congratulations on the exciting new times ahead - moving your studio, creating a body of work and drinking wine with other artists. Sounds groovy to me!
I look forward to reading your plans for achieving these goals. You go girl!!

Jeanette said...

Yes, I'll share photos of the new studio Robyn. And I'll be continuing on with the mouths/tongues. Its quite interesting in a strange sort of way. :)

Funny how we all have similar ups and downs Anita. And how lucky, to plan your own studio in a house!

I think the support we receive from ontline friends is so valuable. I know I have come to rely on people in this environment.

Perhaps we can find the magic formula for grant success and share it.

Is it the season Stacy or have many of us reached the point in careers and life where there is a turning point? I think more the latter. And you're right, it is down to determination.

Isn't the photo interesting Teresa? I love chestnuts - the shapes and colours and have collected a number of them, mostly to try to grow into trees, but also have photographed them to draw or paint too.