Friday, October 17, 2008

Virtual Sketching

Its that's time again. Virtual Sketch Date is here for October!

The numbers of participants have grown a lot from its initial concept by Rose Welty when we decided to pick a reference out of the air and we both used it to draw the same piece. Now around 40 participants are taking part and providing an amazing range of talent and media.

Perhaps the idea is spreading, as Karin Jurick started another blog a month or two ago - Different Strokes from Different Folks inviting people to draw or paint an image that she chooses. This too has been very well populated by artists.

Belinda Lindhardt is this month's photographer. You can visit her blog here.

Participation in the Virtual Sketch Date is easy. Draw the reference piece, post it on your blog before the final deadline and let the world come view your masterpiece.

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