Thursday, November 27, 2008


Chestnut study

I love chestnuts. Not particularly to eat, as they sort of taste like mealy potatoes, but they're amazing feats of engineering and reproduction as well as being fascinating to draw.

A bag full of chestnuts was gathered from various trees around town and will be overwintered to hopefully sprout next spring. The seed breaking out of the casing is always attractive even if the casings are vicious to pick up. Definitely a survival mechanism there!

The almost wood like grain on the chestnut and colour is beautiful and is a drawing waiting to happen. I did this study as a preparation for a more detailed piece.


Anita said...

Fantastic conker, Jeanette - what a delicious mix of textures going on here. Have you ever played "conkers"?

Jeanette said...

Thanks Anita. Chestnuts in their casings are so interesting to draw.

And yes I have played conkers...well, more my children have when I lived in the UK. Dangerous things then, I always remember a few tears and bruises from them. :)