Friday, November 28, 2008

Midnight sketches

I have always read at night, even if only a few paragraphs, but over the last few months I have also done some sketching. I may review some art magazines or read something that sparks my imagination and then sketch what is in my mind or try to recreate a piece from memory. I find it relaxing and a way of testing my memory and/or imagination. Its not always successful but always interesting and quite relaxing.

There are far too many mice in the barn, but luckily none in the house, so this is out of my imagination - somewhere. Actually there was some train of thought attached to it about an illustration of mice for a book or card, but hasn't come to life since.

Inspired by a drawing in an art magazine. I loved the contours of the face. I think I was quite close to the original drawing when I looked back.

I love drawing eggs and am fascinated by the texture and shape and the challenge of getting the values to look believable. This sketch was done after studying the drawing 'One Basket' by JD Hillberry.

Sketching propped up in bed may not be relaxing for everyone. Some nights I find that it keeps me awake and wanting to do more, but most of the time I can shut my sketchbook with a sense of satisfaction that I've accomplished what I perhaps did not have time to do during the day.


Gayle Mason said...

I love the mice.
I always read in bed, but doing a sketch sometimes sounds a really good idea

"JeanneG" said...

I used to read in bed but sometimes I would get so engrossed in the book, I would read most of the night. Now I just fall asleep.

Now after staying up till 3 or 4 am, by the time I get to bed, I just try to sleep.

Cute drawing of the nouse. I am petrified of mice even if they are in a pet store behind glass, but don't mind seeing cute illustration mice. Nice job. I don't have anything from imagination to draw. Wish I did but not happening.

Anita said...

What an interesting idea - I always fall into bed and manage to read about a paragraph before falling asleep.
The egg is superb. I'm inspired by this and am going to try and do at least one sketch a day - ahhhhh good use of my lunch break!

Anonymous said...

Your mice sketch is so sweet, I hope you do develope it something more.
Like most people I tend to read in bed, never tried sketching, but perhaps it is something I might try...I really dont sketch as much as I used to do and perhaps this would be a good time to do something small.

Jeanette said...

Gayle, I keep drawing mice for some reason! I must be fixated with them or the barn is over run with them.

Jeanne, sketching in bed, for me, is relaxing and quite satisfying. I don't think I could stay up til 3 or 4am, at least not very often.

Yes, do try it Anita, you might enjoy it.

Vic, lots of ideas come from sketches and I find it relaxing as well as being good for my drawing skills. We'll all start the somambulant sketching club!