Thursday, February 26, 2009


I've started another portrait. This time of my niece Maddy, currently studying at Oxford in England.

I did a portrait of Maddy many years ago when she was a toddler and visited me in England. As a few years have passed since then, its time for another portrait.

This is coloured pencils - Prismacolor - on Colourfix paper. Again, not sure of my choice of background colour for this one. The paper is a grey rose and is almost too similar in some skin tones. But I'm into it now so let's see what happens.

Don't worry Maddy, the skin tone will not be all blotchy and weird like it is now. This and the next few are the ugly duckling stages of the portrait, where I usually want to toss the whole thing. But it will come together. Crossing fingers...


Anita said...

Lovely to see another portrait from you, Jeanette. I need to put my portrait head back on - maybe that will get me out of my dead zone.

Jeanette said...

You'll get back into the swing again soon Anita. Like actors, you've simply been 'resting'. :)

Robyn said...

I think blogger swallowed my earlier comment, Jeanette. This painting of the little dancer is promising to be enchanting.

Dors said...

Hi Jeanette.

Oh this is going to be a lovely portrait. I have just started to play around with pastel pencils, so I am very interested in seeing your WIP develop.
Thank you so much for sharing this WIP with us.