Friday, February 27, 2009

Starts and progressions

Perhaps I'm the odd one out, but in pretty much everything in life I have several things going on at once. I ready several books at once, altering titles each night. I make several pieces of jewelry of various kinds. When I knit, I have a complex piece and a simple piece to do. And when I draw or paint I have several pieces that I work on alternately.

Maddy WIP
9 x 12, coloured pencil

Tonight, its three pieces I'm working on. The portrait of my niece, and a rough start of a piece in which I've laid down basic colours and shapes in oils and will now work on building it. This is a friend's daughter who loves dancing, twirling around in her 'princess' dress - a pale green confection of organza with roses and all the pretty things little girls love.

The third piece is a seascape a shoreline including rocks and water, but its not fit for human consumption yet. I need to make the rocks look more like rocks than balls of putty. It too, is in oils.


Jennifer Rose said...

I usually have 3 pieces I am working on. Helps to break up any boredom that might happen with one piece to be able to spend time on another. I always have more then one book being read. usually one book where I don't have to really think when reading it (romance), and a fantasy or sci-fi book where sometimes I do have to really concentrate, or an interesting history book. Just depends on how fast I want to fall asleep :p

very nice start to the oil :) nice sense of movement already

Dors said...

Your work is inspiring.. I also silently follow you in Drawspace.