Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The third and a treat

watercolour 11 x 14

This is a fun piece for the portrait study group that I'm in. I originally started it in graphite then a few glasses of wine last night made me try it in watercolour. This is first layer or two of colour and I'm taking my time so I don't muddy it too much. Now I'm officially working on three portraits at once. Yes. 'nuff said.

Then there is this little gem that I bought on Etsy to treat myself with. Its a beautiful journal with exquisite pages of Arches paper coloured in black ink, water, as well as green, red, blue, and yellow liquid acrylic paint. The combinations of colour and ink turn each sheet into its own work of art almost. I think I'm scared to put a mark on it, but it does inspire me and its rather like looking at the flames in a fireplace in terms of seeing images and shapes.


Anita said...

You are doing so well with your portraits. Hope my arm is better so I get to do this one.
The sketchbook/journal is gorgeous!

Cathy Gatland said...

What a beautiful journal! I'm enjoying your portraits and really like the watercolours - wine is good!
I was trying to find a link on your blog that I've referred to on mine about self-portraits, but couldn't, so have just linked to Illustrated Life - hope you don't mind.

vivien said...

I'm enjoying the portraits too :>) and this little book looks delicious

Jo Castillo said...

My smile for the night. Looks like a fun sketchbook.

Jeanette Jobson said...

I hope your arm mends soon too Anita. How's it coming on? Feeling any better?

Thanks Cathy. I enjoy drawing portraits but need to push myself away from them once this bunch is finished to concentrate on some other things and some painting.

Yes, by all means link to my blog or a post.

The book is amazing Vivien. I keep looking through it as if it were a reference book!

Its a fun piece isn't it Jo? I like portraits that are a bit different from the classic, sombre ones.

Lindsay said...

Great Face!!!:-0Made me laugh.
That book is BEAUTIFUL! How inspiratinal that you have these beautiful pages. Maybe you have to "mess" one up just to get over the urge to get it "perfect".