Sunday, March 29, 2009


I found an old photo of my daughter taken when she was about 7 or 8 I guess. I thought it may make an interesting portrait in oils so have made a start. There will be some tweaking as I go to get the likeness correct as my line drawing wasn't perfect. I have the first layers down roughly and will continue to add to it. I've already scrubbed it once and redrew it with a brush which seems to have done the trick.

Getting the skin tones right for portraits can be a challenge. I've been watching Dave Darrow's portraits on Ustream TV and enjoy seeing the palettes he uses and his techniques. He always inspires me to paint and always makes it seem so simple.

It was a bright day here but a cold wind off the water. Ice is on the horizon and slob ice has nestled into the bays depending on wind direction. I took some photos today to show you the view out over the ocean that I saw this morning. If you could enlarge the image a lot you would see a tiny dot waaaaaaaaaayyyyy out on the horizon of a large iceberg. It is as variable as the slob ice that is in and dependent on the wind and currents for movement.

Ice in Newfoundland is a sure sign that spring is here.


Amie Roman said...

That ice would make a gorgeous linocut. What a great photo, thanks for sharing!

Jeanette said...

You know Amie, I hadn't considered that til you mentioned it. And you're right. I'll have to play around with this.

Jennifer Rose said...

that is so neat the way the ice is laying in the water :) it would indeed make a great lino cut, lots to carve but the print would look great :)

Mary said...

Jeanette, I love the mood that is surfing in this portrait. I'll be watching this! A very interesting and beautiful photograph of the ice, too.

Lindsay said...

It snowed yesterday here in Chicago...but a heavy, sloppy, half hearted snow. It's the LIGHT that's exciting me so much (if not the temp!)
Happy Spring!

May your ice be history soon.