Thursday, April 02, 2009

Shell complete

I spent some time early this morning finishing the shell and am calling it complete now. The image above is scanned but the colour still looks off, making it look candy pink which it isn't in reality. The second image is a photo that shows the truer colours of the piece, even if the background then greys out. I'll have to find a happy medium between the two to get a final image worthy of printing.

I've been using the range of watercolour papers that were in the sample box I bought from Legion Paper awhile ago. This one is Lanaquarelle 140lb and is lovely and smooth. With the addition of pen to the piece, a rougher paper would risk having fibres clog the nib or not enable the pointillism technique to be used to its best.

I have to head to Toronto tomorrow on business for the weekend. Weekend meetings are the scourge of non profit business, but have to be done. So I'll likely be absent for a few days but back in business on Monday. I hope I'll be able to find some time for sketching people, even if the scenery may not be too inspiring where I'll be.

Forever the technofiend, I've invested in a little mini netbook that will make travel with technology easier and a lot lighter. Unfortunately, it hasn't been delivered in time for this trip. Travelling with laptops is a pain with the level of security in airports. I seem to be forever hauling one out of the case, having it scanned, stuffing it back in, only to have to haul it out a little later to use it in the airport. The mini netbook fits easily in my handbag and will make basic work, checking emails, etc. so much easier than lugging a large one around. I have an older smaller laptop that I may take with me, or I may simply rely on good old pen and paper to take notes.


Chris Beck said...

Love the addition of the ink on this one, Jeanette! It's a nice subtle touch.

Jo Castillo said...

Lovely shell. Take care and hope your trip goes well.

Jennifer Rose said...

turned out wonderful :D
I really do like all the colours you have used in the shadow, really ties them together

Lindsay said...

Tell us how you like your little notebook. Can you down load photos to it? Blog on the road?

This shell is beautiful. I just bought new pen points for my dip pen and can't wait to try them out.

Pat said...

I have been visiting your blog site for a while and thought I would let you know that your work is appreciated. I love to see the way you carve out the image from a flat piece of paper and watch as you bring your subject to life.

Pat said...

Hi Jeanette, I have passed on the Passion Of Painting Award to you for your blog of wonderful sketches and paintings. When I received this award and needed to pass it on, your blog was the first I thought of. Visit my blog and pick up your award.