Monday, April 06, 2009

Art awards

There are thousands of art awards produced, artists nominated and presentations given in public amid fanfare and publicity. Awards are coveted for excellence in handling a medium, exploring a subject or being controversial. All have merit and some come with more glory and prestige than others.

The ones that mean the most are the ones given by friends, some of who we know more than others. The visual art community is a body of caring individuals who, through sharing information and keeping contact, provide a much more tangible connection. I have been given this award by several people, and have been slow in putting it on my site. That is not because I am ungrateful for the award, but usually because I am very busy with other parts of life.

Thank you to those who thought of me, who visited my blog and who took time to consider, comment and acknowledge my work. Painting, in itself, is a learned skill and still puts me outside my comfort zone very often. So with my own belief (or disbelief, as many artists have) in my ability, thank you for the boost in confidence.

I am supposed to name seven people and list seven things that I love. I have done this previously and as so many people who I visit have been given this award already, I won't do so again. The things I love number much more than seven.

So please visit the artists who have awarded and been awarded. You will be glad that you did.

Pat Reese
Chris Beck
Tracy Hall

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