Friday, April 10, 2009

Portrait of a monkey

Portrait of a monkey
coloured pencil, 9 x 12


For some reason, my body saves up illnesses for when I don't have to work. Today was a holiday for me and sure enough I woke up feeling blah - sore throat, temperature, aches and pains - a cold. My first all winter.

Its probably a combination of being tired and travelling through busy places with lots of people that did it and hopefully it will be shortlived.

I've been searching for inspiration all week without much luck and looking forward to this long weekend to get some drawing and painting done. I fully intended looking around my property to see what I could work with, but weather and how I felt stopped that. Instead I wandered through some images online and this little face appealed to me - a portrait by Samantha.

Humans always seem to find primates fascinating, perhaps because they so closely mimic looks and expressions of humans that we see some of ourselves in them.


"JeanneG" said...

So cute. I love looking at the eyes. Sketchcrawl tomorrow Saturday.

Megha Chhatbar said...

He is so cutee...His eyes are so expressive..Well done! Take care..! Happy Easter!
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Gayle Mason said...

you have captured those expressive eyes perfectly. I hope you soon feel better.

Jennifer Rose said...

I do think that the similarities between the 2 species is fascinating to people. so closely linked and indeed very easy to see similar facial expressions. the eyes here are so great, the highlights really make them shine and look real

hope you get better soon.

Gina Cuff said...

The eyes are incredible, Jeanette!
Hope you feel better soon.:)

Tracy Hall: said...

Gorgeous work on the eyes, Jeanette, you could drown in them :). Do hope you're feeling better soon.

Billie Crain said...

Great job on the eyes, Jeanette.:) They're not only well rendered but the expression in them tugs at my heart.

Get well soon and rest. I think when we don't slow down our bodies make us slow down. At least you will be off work so you can have the time to heal and renew yourself.

Jeanette said...

I never seem to get into the sketchcrawls Jeanne, and I should.

Thanks Megha, Happy Easter to you too.

I love drawing eyes Gayle. Everything else after them has lesser appeal.

Thanks Gina.

Thank you Tracy. The dark eyes against the pale skin are dramatic.

I seem to have done nothing but sleep these last two days Billie. But you're right, our bodies make us slow down if we don't.

Jeanette said...

Sorry Jennifer, I skipped over you in my comments.

I agree, there is such a close relationship between humans and primates, its so interesting to watch them and see ourselves mirrored there.

black bear cabin said...

Im new to your blog, and just love it. Im sure ill visit often!
as for your monkey...the eyes are incredible!!!!

Jeanette said...

Welcome to my blog black bear, I'm glad you're enjoying it.