Thursday, March 12, 2009

Winter and injuries

Tripod in the snow

Hot little paws and three legs make tracking Tripod in some dry snow an easy task. I loved this little set of footprints and how crisp they were. It could be an interesting drawing or painting in the future.

It must be the season or something in the water, as I've done some kind of injury to my shoulder, I don't even quite know how, and its beyond painful, making even sleeping uncomfortable. As a lot of my job involves computer work, being in that position doesn't help it a lot either. It feels like a trapped nerve so I'm taking it easy for awhile and hope that it resolves itself soon.

Still no laptop back, but I should have the other scanner hooked up and ready to add some images in the next day or two. My posts may be short and sweet for a few days due to incapacity and technical difficulties.

Also shadows on snow, taken a few weeks ago were amazingly blue and long in the afternoon. The snow is pretty much all gone now and with it the light that it brings too.

My final thing to amuse you all with tonight, a big red fox that paid a visit around suppertime the other week. The image isn't clear as the light was fading and I was rushing to grab a shot before he took off. You never know who'll turn up at the farm. Foxes have been a problem in the past and they are quite opportunistic, grabbing chickens, ducks and even killing geese.


Bonny said...

Oh, no you too??!!! I fell on some ice in Halifax last week and now I have a leg in a cast as a souvenir of that trip. Seems like we get more injuries in winter, or at least I do.

Shoulder aches are very annoying and extremely painful. Jeanette, I'm not trying to preach or suggest anything based on any kind of medical knowledge, just from personal experience.

Have you considered visiting a chiropraactor to see about your shoulder?

I started going to my chiropractor when I had severe shoulder pains several years ago. Afer talking to me so he could get a bit of history together, and some examinations, he did an adjustment to my upper back just below the neck on that first visit. I felt a LOT better immediately! No joke. It turns out I had a misaligned vertebrae that pinched some nerves. Now I go once a month to keep my back and shoulders more linber, healthy and I'm much happier for it. Just a thought...

"JeanneG" said...

A true artist...instead of shooing the fox away, you are running for the camera. Hope your shoulder is better soon.

Rose Welty said...

Those shadows will make a lovely abstract painting, when the shoulder is up to it! Sending you healing thoughts...

Anonymous said...

Hope your shoulder gets better soon...I can really sympathise having had problems/surgery with mine for a few years now....I love the photo of the house and long shadow trees, would make a good pic to work from.

Anonymous said...

Oh ouch :-( You take care of yourself. A sore shoulder can be misery.
But a fox - wow! How amazing (easy for me to say when we don't have predators like that here).
I've just been posting on my blog about how excited I am that you're doing a portrait of Mum in time for her 85th. How incredibly generous of you.

Robyn said...

Tripod's signature is instantly recognisable :)

So sorry to hear about your shoulder, there seem to be a lot of shoulder problems happening at the moment. Perhaps we should form a club and get a badge made. Here's to a speedy recovery.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Love the Tripod footprints!

I hope you feel better soon those pains can be very wearing. I've had a similar problem in the past and it's the lack of sleep which always seems the worst aspect.

Jeanette said...

Bonny, I'm so sorry to hear about your leg, that's awful! Ice is treacherous, I hate it.

I am considering a chiropractor as if its a pinched nerve, that would be about the only way to help it. Painful or not! :)

Jeanne, I love seeing these animals in the wild, I just don't like how they decimate my birds. Foxes are quite beautiful I think and this guy exceptionally healthy and large.

Aren't the shadows great Rose? Its almost like a lacy pattern on the white of the snow and house.

Thanks Vic, pain in any form is very distracting. Chronic problems even more so. Yes, I think the shadows will appear in some form in the future.

Cath, if you wander back through the blog, you'll find all sorts of animal life, some good, some not so good. As I live in the country, there are always wild things coming to visit.

I've been working on the portrait of your Mum and its nearly done. I hope I can do her justice as she's lovely. I'll give you the sneak preview this weekend I hope.

Robyn, yes his signature is easy to spot alright.

I think we'll have to call the shoulder problems 'The Artist's Shoulder' and make it exotic. :)

Aren't the footprints fun Katherine? I am thinking they'd make a great drawing actually. I've seen an artist do a snow scene - can't think of his name right now - that had similarities.

Shoulder/arm problems seem to go with the territory or perhaps I'm just getting old! And interrupted sleep is truly a part of it. I toss and turn and wake and sleep, then woke this morning at 7:30 - giving me 15 minutes to get up dressed and out of the house!

Jan said...

I'm sorry you're having shoulder pain. It could be the computer work then the cold weather is always an aggravation in such situations. Hope it's better by now.

Glad you got a photo of the fox. We gave up keeping chickens because of the predators. Well, that and it seemed that we only ever got really nasty roosters! I miss the fresh eggs but not the roosters nor putting my hand on a snake while gathering eggs! Fortunately, we have friends with free range chickens and can get good eggs.

I so like your barbed wire study and am glad you posted it. Ordinary object DO take on a very artistic bent when seen close up!