Sunday, March 08, 2009

Portrait announcement

My laptop is at the shop because of a disturbing graphics problem which randomly posterizes images which I hope they can fix, so I'm using my old laptop which has none of the bells and whistles and speed that I became accustomed to with the new model. It also means that I haven't got the regular programs on it either such as camera or scanner, so unless I go dig out the installation cds and put them on this laptop, I will be suffering a little. However, hopefully the problem will be shortlived.

Now for the news that everyone has been waiting for............drum roll.........the name of the person who will receive a portrait. I gathered all the names of those who had commented (even the late ones) and wished me happy birthday and put them all in a bag. I asked Tripod to draw a name, but he's been terribly cranky lately and refused because there wasn't tuna in the deal, so I had to ask an alternate - T.O.O (the other one) - to draw a name. And its Cath Sheard! Once I've received Cath's portrait request, I'll get to work on it.

The image here is a pen and ink sketch of a couple that I did on the exotic sketchbook I bought awhile back. The pages are stained with acrylic inks and its interesting to add to them as they become almost backgrounds for the drawings.


cathsheard said...

I am so excited to have won the portrait offer. My Mum is turning 85 in June so this will make a fantastic gift for her. Thank you so much for your generosity.

Sydney Harper said...

Congrats to catsheard!

The ink stained pages in the sketch worked exceptionally well. Hopefully your laptop will get well soon.

Paulette said...

Cool paper! It worked great with the portraits.
I love what you have been doing with the fish.
I hope you had a great Birthday!

Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Hope you laptop is not too ill. Congratulations to both you (for the excellent idea) and Cath (for winning the draw)
Have a great week:)

Cathy Gatland said...

Aw, totally missed that draw but your birthday sounded great and what a lovely way to celebrate - congratulations to Cath. I love the way you've drawn over the stained page here.

Jeanette said...

Cath, it will be my pleasure. Art is for sharing after all. :)

I love the paper in this sketchbook Sydney, it provides so many possibilities.

Thanks Paulette, yes the paper is pretty cool. I am going to try to duplicate it myself.

Sheona, its just this one little annoying graphics thing that comes and goes. The computer store is trying to think up ways to make me part company with money even if the machine is still under warranty.

Cathy, the shapes that the inks make on the paper provide inspiration for drawings sometimes.

Jennifer Rose said...

congrats Cath :D

computer stores are always trying to get money for something on a computer that costs more then what it is actually worth. I was so glad my laptop was under warranty when the dvd drive stopped working, saved us some money. its died again since then, but at least hubby has the computer degree and can fix it himself. hopefully you get your laptop back soon :)

vivien said...

this works really well with the background - something else to experiment with :>)

Teresa Mallen said...

A lovely pen and ink piece! Sorry to hear about your computer woes. Belated birthday wishes Jeanette!!

Anita said...

Hope the fix your computer!
Super image - lovely summery feel.