Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chocolate road - completed

Chocolate Road
6 x 12 oils

I spent some time early this morning and again late this afternoon finishing off this piece. The trees were problematic and I really need to practice more with them. En masse, like this, I needed to concentrate on subtle light and colour changes within them. Not much is green this time of year so keepting the colours that are there subtle is a challenge.

I spent most of a fabulous spring day out wandering the southern shore of the Avalon, searching for new inspiration in sea and land. I walked the East Coast Trail to La Manche and was rewarded with some stunning views of an abandoned village on the edge of towering cliffs above the ocean.

The hike to the cliffs was about 1.5km over a trail that was rough in places, steep in places, and fit only for mountain goats in places, but I made it there and back not too worse for wear. I need to take up running again to get back to the level of fitness that makes a hike over terrain like that not quite so strenuous!

In the abandoned settlement there is a suspension bridge leading over the water and upwards further onto the East Coast Trail. Suspension bridges, while fascinating, won't see me set foot on one unless life and limb depend on it so I just took a photo of it instead.


Sydney said...

I like this painting. The colors work so well with the subject.

Jennifer Rose said...

very nice painting :) reminds me a lot of the trails I would walk in Ontario

that is a gorgeous view!

Laurel Neustadter said...

Very beautiful. I like the narrow vertical format, and the color scheme is subdued, but with an amazing range of color variations. I like the title too. Makes me want to eat mud.

Deborah Ross said...

Nice, soft colors and the road really does look like mud! I can just imagine slipping and sliding and getting my shoes stuck.

Lindsay said...

Your painting is just beautiful and its also lovely to see the photos of Spring in your neighborhood.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Sydney. The colours are very muted and dark this time of year.

Yes, there are lots of little trails like this all over Canada Jennifer. La Manche does have spectacular views - worth the hike.

Thanks Laurel. I quite like this size gallery canvas. Its very versatile.

A big pair of wellies is definitely needed to tackle this path Deborah. Thanks for commenting.

Spring is a long time coming Lindsay and this weekend is just a taster if forecasts are anything to go by. But I'll take what I can get!

Sonia said...

Beautiful painting! The colors are so soft that we can actually relax looking at it!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful painting, I like the more tonal greens. the summer greens can be very bright and without atmosphere.(I'm sure I've left this exact comment, maybe the previous post?)
And these views are just stunning!

adebanji said...

Just love the beautiful subdued greens in this piece, calming!!

Gesa said...

Jeanette, I overlooked this painting earlier but Lindsay reminded me of it. It's got a magical quality to it - there is something with the palette that works so well to make it mysterical. The composition contributes to it to. Very nice!