Monday, April 20, 2009

Rhododendron bud - part I

I've been working on the reference image that I used for this month's Virtual Sketch Date. Flowers are not my forte, but I like to keep challenging myself.

I thought I'd try a poured background for this piece and used a mix of acrylic inks and watercolours. The paper was 140lb but not as sturdy as I thought as it roughened the flower bud when I removed the masking fluid. This is the piece in its current state and I have to try to give the bud some shape as well as add in some leaves to balance the piece.

Stay tuned and cross your fingers!


Billie Crain said...

The background on this one is great, Jeanette! Your pour was a success, IMO.:) Regarding the roughed up paper...I just bought a new block of Arches 140# HP and I've noticed it roughs up not only when I remove the masking fluid but when I remove frisket film as well. The last block I had never did this. I found that odd. Someone on another blog(can't remember where now) said she smooths the paper back down with the back of a teaspoon but the paper won't take the paint as well afterwards.

p.s. You'll become a floral artist if you keep this up. lol

Jeanette said...

THanks Billie, I like how the background turned out as well. As for the paper, beats me, as this has never happened before either. A bad batch of arches perhaps?

This may be redo if the paper doesn't cooperate for additions.


Jennifer Rose said...

*crosses fingers* looks good to me. background colours go well with the pink/purples of the flower.

odd about the paper. I haven't had that problem but the arches I used was a few years ago so maybe they've changed how its made :/

Jan said...

I'm sorry you had problems with the paper but I certainly don't think all is lost! Yep, yep, you very well could become a floral painter and even come to like doing it!

laura said...

This is so lovely!! I love the diffuse feeling, no hard edges, and the effect of glazing. Stunning!
(I also like how you left out everything in the background--a decision I think I'll emulate, if you wouldn't mind?)

Jeanette said...

I wonder if my painting the flower first, then adding the masking fluid had any role to play in this Jennifer.

I'll play around with it tonight and see what happens Jan. You know sometimes the challenge of flowers is ok, but I need to be in the mindset to do it.

Laura, I just didn't want to fiddle with all that fussy background, that was the reason for a pour. By all means, go for it, the results are unique and I know you'll enjoy it.

Megha Chhatbar said...

I agree, the background is really well-painted..:) I like the color and you take challenges so well! Keep up the good work!