Monday, May 25, 2009


My first love is drawing and always will be, though I seem to be doing a lot of painting these past few months. I started this little drawing in a Moleskine of a trio of boules which was the reference for the Drawing & Sketching forum at WetCanvas last week.

I love trying to draw shiny hard objects. Its almost like a puzzle, fitting the pieces together. This isn't complete and I likely will work on it tomorrow or when I get a chance this week, but even this far gives a sense of how the image will turn out.

The feeling of drawing and the control I have over the pencil is always comforting. When painting becomes a chore, drawing is my fallback. I am so familiar with dry mediums it causes little stress as I know how they will perform, how to correct things, how to apply it to different supports.

What's your comfort level in art? What always relaxes you to create with?


Teresa Mallen said...

Even unfinished this piece is lovely. Great reflections! My comfort level - coloured pencils on Stonehenge. I have lots of experience with cps and with Stonehenge paper, therefore I am very comfortable with them. I know what to expect and how to get what I want. I have wandering off into other media from time to time but I always go home. :-)

Jennifer Rose said...

great job getting the shine just right :)

using ink relaxes me, not sure why as I can't erase mistakes lol It I am doing pointillism I end up getting a rhythm going and my mind goes blank. lol makes it easy to relax :)

annie said...

I love the reflections, too, Jeanette. But comfort level--does a Beginner have a comfort level? Perhaps when I do a contour and am
really zoned in on it-- those crazy bees that were buzzing in my head fly off, somewhere...that or Just Playing In The Water, when I put down watercolors and watch where they are running.

MILLY said...

There is something fascinating about shiny objects, the way light catches and distorts shapes. Great drawing of the boules.
I feel just the same with drawing, just so comfortable with a sharp pencil and seem to know what to do.