Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Finding the path

I liked the shapes of this tree and the stark landscape around it and started a drawing. It may never reach completion, but that's ok. Its the day to day drawing which counts, not a race to the finish.

Of the pieces I start, not all of them reach conclusion. Or if they do, it isn't until months or sometimes years later when I go back and revisit them. There is no shame in putting a drawing or painting that just isn't quite doing it for you, in a back corner and get on with something that you really want to do.

Its also difficult to find your way sometimes. There are so many things calling, its hard to decide on a particular medium or genre and stick with it, perfecting technique and finding your niche, and ignoring the pretty colours and toys in art stores. Finding your place in art - or staying with that place - can be challenging.

I know what I do best and what mediums I am most comfortable with. I love shades of grey in graphite and coloured pencils. I enjoy watercolour, but am not what I'd call proficient. I also enjoy oils, but find the re-learning curve a steep one to climb.

I'm doggedly pursuing it with a 6 part series - Journey to the Sea. Part II is posted on Watermarks and Part I is here. This is closer view of the colours which make up the water in the Part II image - Wetlands.

I will be travelling for a few days, heading to Montreal very early tomorrow morning, so blogging will likely not take place again until Monday. However, if I have some spare time and an airport wait, you never know...


Valerie Jones said...

I'm liking the tree, Jeanette!

Megha Chhatbar said...

Excellent work..Keep it up! :)

vivien said...

I commented on Watermarks - this little detail is lovely and really shows how luscious this work is

Looks like the oils are going well to me :>)