Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Direct purchase savings

Tripod Study in oils
6 x 8 - canvas panel

For Sale
in my Etsy gallery

Yes, I'm still on my Zorn kick and wanted to try it out on animals. This study of Tripod seems to work in terms of colour. Then again, with a limited palette, you can't really go too wrong as the colours do tend to be harmonious. There are no harsh, conflicting contrasts in colour that pull the eye away from the subject. I'm quite liking this little palette...

This is the first animal that I have painted in oils for more years than I care to remember. I like the solidity that the paint gives when applied in thicker strokes, making the fur seem deep and thick. And with Tripod it is that if the layer of hairs floating around the floors every day are anything to go by!

There seems to be a following of cat fanciers who Tripod - or his colouring - appeal to, so I will make this piece available by trying it out as a 'Buy Now' on the blog. Most of my original art work is for sale on Etsy, but I will occasionally put something here that can be purchased direct from the blog.


Jennifer Rose said...

this study works really well :) you have gotten a really life like appearance to his nose area, the light and shadows work extremely well in making it look life like.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Jennifer. I like that area as well.