Friday, May 15, 2009

Youth - WIP

I made a start tonight on a new portrait in oils. The face of the young man was appealing and challenging too and the hair will prove interesting to create. Its on an 8 x 10 stretched canvas and this is the result of about 90 minutes of work so far. Lots more to go.

I 'drew' the basic shape of the head and face using dilute lamp black and a small brush then started to block in some values.

I keep covering the face with a base colour, refining the drawing as I go along as well as the colours.

I begin blocking in the hair using a scrubbing motion with an old brush to get a soft base value that I will add detail to later. I continue to shape the face, correcting the drawing, and painting and repainting the eye.


Robyn said...

Great start, Jeanette. I do love this palette. Your work in progress is beautiful and inspiring.

Jeanette said...

Thank you Robyn. I'm enjoying squishing paint around.