Thursday, May 21, 2009

Making progress

As I've mentioned previously, I'm starting a small series of paintings of the journey of water to the sea that will show on the Watermarks blog. I will be giving glimpses of my own journey of developing those paintings here.

The series will be a set of six 8 x 8 inch panels which will be displayed together. Each piece is an intrinsic part of the whole so that the story is told. The first piece has been painted and will be subject to some tweaking. This is about the two-thirds mark for the second piece.

Its still pretty much in rough values and colours right now and will be defined more before it will be complete. The thing that I dislike about the landscape that I chose to represent this panel - The Wetlands - is the palette of the landscape itself. It really does consist of browns and creams with more green coming through this time of year, but not enough to make it look lush yet. The dulled down colours make it difficult to paint and find definition.


vivien said...

it's looking good and you are handling the limited range of colours beautifully.

It will be interesting to see it change with the seasons :>)

Here everything is very lush and green and flowery now

Anonymous said...

Great idea Jeanette, and looking forward to the whole story.