Sunday, May 17, 2009

Youth - complete

I added more layers, changed more colours, refined the features more and am calling this portrait complete. There is still a sheen of wet paint on this image so the true colours aren't coming through.

I do tend to be stingy with paint and need to push myself to apply it more thickly. I almost feel as if I'm drawing instead of painting sometimes. For those who may have the same problem as me, there's a good thread on WetCanvas that deals with this subject.

This painting finishes my current Zorn palette and I have to say that I do really like a limited palette. It limits my ability to muddy colours too much and forces me to focus. I will be adding some blue to this palette and experiment with it in other pieces.

I have a series planned of 8 inch square panels that will be grouped together and involve land and water. Most of these will be shown on the Watermarks blog, but there will be glimpses of them here too. Enhancing the colour palette will likely be necessary to achieve the effects that I want.


bluelilac said...

This is beautiful work. I am glad I came by to see it.

"JeanneG" said...

I'm glad he finally got his eye back. It was spooking me. I like the way you handled the hair.

Jeanette said...

Thank you bluelilac, glad you enjoyed it.

The eyes I must have redone half a dozen times Jeanne. The hair? Well, I figured less is more with this and didn't try for detail.